Training Center Memberships

Scoutz USA has established a Network of top training facilities in the World. Our system of player development has produced 101 MLB Draft Picks, 6 MLB Players, 3 MLB All Stars and over 400 NCAA Players. We teach the fundamentals, mental game, strength, individual skill sets, speed, and team concepts. Your player will be in the hands of professionals when dealing with Scoutz USA. We are establishing training facilities World Wide and want you to be part of our Scoutz USA Network where we will bring out the best in your game. Get involved and get better your game deserves dealing with the best in the industry!

Our members have 24/7 access to our facilities so that you can train based on your schedule not ours!

Augusta, GA

Tallahassee, FL

PitRx & 4D Sports

We are pleased to announce a partnership with PitRx and 4D Sports Performance. PitRx Founder Anthony Yacco is one of the Nations top Arm Care and Velocity trainers. We will be implementing the PitRx program as the Official Arm Care and Velocity Training for Scoutz USA, Baseball Scoutz and Scoutz Academy. We look forward to bringing you the most advanced training in America!


Professional Training

We have some of the most qualified trainers in the industry. All of our instructors have either professional baseball experience, professional baseball background or extensive college playing/coaching. We pride ourselves in providing our players with an experience and dedication second to none.

Coming Soon THE FARM our 4 Field Complex located in Athens Georgia. Complete with State of the Art indoor training center. GM Micheal Miller and Elizabeth Miller will oversee the Athens operation. Former UGA Head Coach David Perno will also be offering assistance in Athens. Opening September 2018

Scoutz USA Teams

Team Home   Since 1999 our teams have been among the best in the Nation. 3 National Championships,101 Draft picks, 5 Major League players and over 400 NCAA Players have called our program home. 4 Players have been drafted in the 1st Round and 3 others in the second round. We have amassed a career record of 749 wins and 212 losses. We know the team business and can place your player in the proper team program allowing him to develop at his or her own pace.


Scoutz Academy School Program

Join at one of our many locations across the USA

We are heading into a new area of player development and making our players the most well rounded Student-Athletes in the World. Our New Academies will be operating alongside our Scoutz USA Training Centers. Now, you can obtain the same education as brick and mortar institutions in virtual schools that are funded by your state and have the same accreditation as your local high school. We firmly believe we can offer a comprehensive specialized educational experience both on and off the field. We are prepared to make this option the New Gold standard in amateur athletics. Right now our campuses will be located in Augusta, GA, Tallahassee, FL, Alpharetta, GA and Athens, GA. Other locations will be coming online soon. This is the most advanced opportunity for young people who want to be collegiate or professional athletes. Our Training platform held on will be the curriculum for the training regimen. Georgia Virtual or your State virtual will provide educational elements along with our live certified tutors. We look forward to helping your player make huge strides to becoming the student athlete of his or her dreams.

Roger Wilkinson


Academy Page

Welcome to the Process

Our System of player development has been very good for over 20 years. The methods we teach work from T Ball to the Majors. As your player develops with our highly skilled trainers he or she will build great confidence both on and off the field. The level of confidence will spill over on their friends and teammates. The happiness of being successful in sports is like no other feeling. Our system is tried and true. We just need you to trust the process and watch your player become the best they can.

Our lesson and training program includes professional instruction, video, metrics testing and working with each kid on an individual basis.

Our Team program teaches your player how to compete against the best in America and internationally. We teach team baseball the way it is played on TV. The players learn the game like the pros. We teach life lessons and tie them into baseball so that our players can take this training way beyond the baseball field.

Finally, we get you incredible exposure. We host some of the most impressive showcase events in the USA. Plus, we partner with great companies like the Ultimate Recruiting Tool and E4 Consultants to make sure your player gets the looks at the proper level. We pride ourselves in being the best in the recruiting world.



World All Star Game

Join great players in a 3 day exhibition of baseball talent. You will use the Blast Motion Sensor to grade hitting metrics, run the 60, test arm strength, BP on the field at Las Vegas Pro Stadium, plus live games daily! #WhereLegendsAreBorn is our motto and we are looking for the next one on December 27th-30th in Las Vegas. The City of High Rollers and Big Time Baseball.

Regional All Star Games

Welcome to the Baseball Scoutz All-Star Game landing pages. I hope you notice our great venues for the 2018 year. We have added to our exceptional events in the State of Georgia. For the last 7 years the Georgia All-Star Games have been the "Gold Standard" for events in the State of Georgia. Now we have taken the show on the road. Our idea is to get a chance to evaluate the best players from all over the country and we are pleased to announce a few new locations.

August 4th-5th   Georgia All-Star Session I  Georgia Southern University

August 11th-12th Gulf Coast All Star  MGM Park Biloxi,MS

August 18th-19th Georgia All-Star Session II University of Georgia

August 25th-26th  South Atlantic All-Star Shipyard Park Charleston,SC

September 15th-16th Mid America All Star  Miami of Ohio

We will also be adding dates in September in Washington State, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Florida. Plus, in October we will invite the top performers at these events to our SCOUTZ USA GAMES.


Baseball Scoutz has been hosting high level events since 1998. We were the first to televise youth baseball in the State of Georgia and Florida back in 2000. We continue our pride in providing the top rated, most efficient produced events in the South.

Here's what you get at our events:

All Games at Stadium location

NO Time Limits (full 7 inning games)

Infield Before Game 1 of your event

We provide Baseballs

High level officiating

Coolers in dugouts

Scoreboard working


and now Live Streaming with our Scoutz broadcasting live games.

Join us in 2018 for the best tournament experience for your teams.



We will play by NCAA Rules with the following exceptions:

High School Substitution Rules (re-entry)

DH for any player not just pitcher

EH treated as a position

High School courtesy runner rule

7 Inning Games no time limit

Run Rules 12 after 3, 8 after 5 innings of play

Wood Bats or Composite

Pro Visits to Mound

The Decision is an easy one......

Now after hearing our story it's your turn to be our next chapter. Join us today it will be the best athletic decision you will ever make.